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Sales for Arista and Dell Reach Highs

| August 29, 2016

Ethernet Switch Market Passes $6 B in 2Q16

According to a recent report by Dell’Oro Group, the trusted source for information about the telecommunications, networks, and data center IT industries, the Ethernet Switch – Layer 2+3 market raced past $6 B in 2Q16, as sales grew 6 percent year-on-year. Sales for Arista and Dell reached an all-time high as the overall market experienced new records driven by a rebound in campus switching, a record quarter in China, and strong Cloud growth.

“2Q16 was a strong quarter for almost all vendors and segments within the Ethernet Switch market,” said Alan Weckel, Vice President at Dell’Oro Group. “Record sales into China and a record quarter for sales to the Cloud helped drive growth. While China and the Cloud remain seasonal in nature, both are continuing to grow as a percent of the market and drive many of the requirements for new products. In the data center, we can see the Cloud’s influence in early shipments of 100 Gbps,” stated Weckel.

The report also shows revenue share for vendors ranked three through five is very tight in 2Q16:

Ethernet Switch Revenue Share for 2Q16


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