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technology provider buttonThe compelling performance and economics of 2550100G Ethernet are going to drive a broad refresh of data center networks with new products shipping at the end of 2015. Data center infrastructure providers are coming together with the 2550100 Alliance to solution provider buttonhelp the industry efficiently develop solutions and bring the solutions to market. It’s free and there are no commitments required.

If you are a technology provider (a.k.a., a hardware or software OEM) and want to join us, contact OR just click on the green Membership Form button to JOIN NOW.

If you are a solutions provider (a.k.a., a channel partner) and want to become a member, contact OR just click on the red Membership Form button to JOIN NOW.

Here’s what your free membership includes:

      • Technical training from alliance members about standards, components, adapters and switches.
      • Technical alerts from alliance members about new features, protocol support; as well as known problems and fixes.
      • You can contribute to this portal with contact information, news, product collateral and promotional material.
      • Early access to 2550100G products and special support for developers.
      • Co-marketing programs with QLogic and other alliance members aimed at educating channel partners and early end-user adopters.

Frequently Asked Questions
#1 Question Why was this alliance formed?
Answer Because the basic building blocks of 2550100G networks, switches and adapters, are now available for qualification. It’s time to mobilize the ecosystem to efficiently integrate the products to bring faster and more economical networked solutions to market.
#2 Question Is the 2550100 Alliance vendor neutral?
Answer Yes, the 2550100 alliance is open to any vendor with a legitimate role in the Ethernet ecosystem.
#3 Question How much does it cost and what is the commitment?
Answer Membership is free and there is no commitment for participation. We recommend members at least post company contact and product information on, and subscribe to the newsletter which aggregates information from the membership.
#4 Question How do we join?
Answer Simply click on one of the above Membership buttons (choose “Technology Provider” or “Solution Provider”) and complete the short membership form. We will process your information once we receive it, post your logo and contact details on and email a “Welcome Kit”.
#5 Question Aren’t the IEEE, Ethernet Alliance and the 25G Consortium doing the same thing?
Answer They are focused on promoting the standards and specifications. The 2550100 Alliance picks-up where they leave off. The 2550100 Alliance focus is on bringing interoperable solutions to the channel and to IT organizations.
#6 Question What if there is overlap with the IEEE, Ethernet Alliance and the 25G Consortium?
Answer The goal of the 2550100 Alliance is to make sure there is not overlap. We intend to leverage as much content from them as possible.
#7 Question Isn’t 2550100G interoperability testing covered by UNH plug fests?
Answer The UNH plug fests are intended to verify compliance and  interoperability at the Ethernet protocol level. The 2550100 Alliance will facilitate interoperability and performance testing between products (NICs, switches, arrays, tape libraries) and between hardware + apps ( 25G network + backup, email cluster, Hadoop cluster, software defined storage cluster, etc.)
#8 Question Who should be an alliance partner?
Answer Any server vendor, Ethernet-based storage vendor, switch vendor and software vendor who knows a migration to 25G is about to happen, and needs information, early access to products, and support to integrate 25G into their systems. Joining will make the entire process more efficient.
#9 Question What about the channel partner community?
Answer The alliance portal is designed for members to offer on-line education to Solution Providers and help them get in front of this migration with their customers.
#10 Question When did the 2550100 Alliance launch?
Answer A press release was distributed on April 15, 2015. On that same day a keynote by Ahmet Houssein was webcast from the Ethernet Technology Summit and went live with information about the program and our first wave of alliance partners.

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